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Winter CSA!!!!! 2015 Open Registration

9/11/2014 3:26pm

Hello All!

We Are opening the registration for the Winter CSA program. You can sign up right online to receive a weekly box of fresh and local veggies at your doorstep from January - April 2015. During a time of year when farmer's markets and local produce are scarce we offer veggies grown right on our farm along with citrus shipped in from a small farm in Florida IN SEASON. Your box will be delivered to your home or office. No need to pick up. We are one of the only programs in the state of Md. that offers a Winter CSA with veggies actually grown on the farm delivering them and we are proud of it!

We offer 3 three sizes this year. Small(6 items), Medium (10 items) and due to popular demand, Large (14 items).

Along with the Winter CSA we are offering a special one time delivery for the Holidays. We offered this for the first time last year and it was a huge success!!! 

Please feel free to email me with any questions. We will close the sign up when we reach 300 members. That is our Max capacity for this year:( so if you are planning to sign up, please do so ASAP. We offer two payment options as usual (Monthly installments or payment in full for the 10% discount). 

Thanks for your support!

Libby, George and Farm Staff

Help Wanted!!!

9/9/2014 8:21am

HELP WANTED!!! :) We are looking for produce packers and delivery drivers for Thursdays 9am-5pm Now-November. You would arrive at the farm at 9am, help pack produce in boxes and deliver said boxes. Must have a a valid license. We are also looking for Winter CSA Employees for the same job description Wed.-Saturday. If anyone is interested please message me or email the farm at: Spread the word! Thanks everyone :)

Winter CSA Sign up 2015! Summer CSA Half Way Point Week 13

8/26/2014 9:13am

Hello All!

The Summer has flown by and we are now half way through our Summer/Fall CSA. I hope everyone has been enjoying the goodies you have received thus far! A quick note about the corn:

Just to remind everyone... our corn is 100% non GMO and has not been sprayed thus far. With corn this natural you should expect a few bugs now and again. It appears the black birds are enjoying this Non GMO crop as well so if you find the tip of a few ears are mushy or the husk is torn up a bit at the tip this is because those pesky birds have been picking at it. NO WORRIES! Please just cut the end off. The corn is delicious so please don't mistake those type of defects for it being rotten :)


Winter CSA!

We have opened sign up for our Winter 2015 Home/Office Delivery to our current members only. We have very limited space in the winter program so we wanted our Summer Members to have first dibs. If you are interested please sign up online right away. The same financing applies as with the Summer program. You can pay in full for a 10% discount or feel free to choose the four monthly installment plan. On September 15th we will open sign up to the public. 

We have three sizes in our winter program this year as we have has many requests in the previous years to make an extra big share for our large families as super veggie lovers!!! Our winter program offers "to your door" produce delivery each week full of fresh local veggies during a time of year where farmer's markets are scarce and many farmers take advantage of the off season to take a breather! We also bring in In Season citrus each week from a small farm in Florida and it is amazing! Along with veggies we offer a great selections of meats and other specialty items. Please feel free to email the farm with any questions!

We are looking forward to an awesome remainder of the Summer/Fall Program as we begin to plant and prepare for the upcoming Winter season! Thanks for all of your support!!!! Our members make our career possible!

Farm Staff

Summer CSA Week 9!!!

7/29/2014 9:28am

Hello All!

Here we are in week 9! Time flies when your having fun huh?

Tomatoes are in!!! And they are everywhere :) We grow 47 different varieties of tomatoes throughout the year and we love every one of them! All of our tomatoes are yummy but our favorites are the Heirloom varieties. Please keep in mind, the Heirlooms are pretty fragile and do not have a long shelf life, that is why they are considered a delicacy!!!

Another new variety of veggie that is ready to be harvested are our sweet peppers. Many people don't realize that sweet peppers are just a ripe green peppers. There are loads of varieties but when they ripen they all become sweet. There is a fine line between ripe and rotting which is why you often see prices on those sweety pies sky rocket in the stores and farmer's markets. It is really hard to grow these peppers to maturity without fungicides and pesticides to keep them form being eaten and rotting on the vine. We DO NOT spray any other the above on our peppers so you can expect every now and again finding a pepper with a black spot on it. This is not harmful, just cut it out and enjoy the rest.

Sweet Corn! Yum Yum Yum :) We grow a Bi Color Variety of sweet corn on our farm and no other! Our corn has not been sprayed and is 100% non GMO. This means you may find that an occasional pest has gotten a hold of it. Along with that, there is the additional expense. The seed for this type of corn is over double in cost and we loose more at the hands of mother nature due to the fact that we do not spray and specific genes are not built into corn to protect it from bugs and weed killer etc.  We consider our corn some of the best you will ever eat... but we are corn snobs ;)

Invoices: If you chose the payment option for your share as opposed the pay in full option, invoices were sent out via email last week. Your payments should paid using paypal or sent by check to:

Z Farm CSA, 20 Flaxleaf Court, Baltimore, Md. 21221

Payments should be received by This Friday August 1st. If there are any questions or concerns please email me at Thank you all for your support!!!


Summer CSA Week 6 CSA!!!

7/9/2014 11:13am

Hello All!

Sweet Corn Is In!!! We are growing our delicious bi-color Sweet Corn this year again :) The corn we grow is 100% GMO FREE. The cost to grow our corn has now tripled from two years ago, just to give everyone an idea of the risk farms take when growing a more natural and safe product. Weird right? It should be the opposite ;) We just started picking our own tomatoes last week in small amounts but next week they should be pretty bountiful! Bring on those tomato sandwiches!

Hopefully this week we will have decent weather, or at least weather that doesnt blow us off of the parking lot! We finally have another delivery vehicle so some out your drop offs will be adjusting for everyone's convenience! Below are the list of locations that will be changing...

*Collonades at Kentland (Normal Delivery Day: Wednesday)                                                 New Delivery Day: Thursday July 3rd

*Brown's Advisory (Normal Delivery Day:Friday)                                                                       New Delivery Day: Thursday July 3rd   

* Watson Hall  (Normal Delivery Day:Friday)                                                                             New Delivery Day: Thursday July 3rd

* Glenwood Deliveries (NormalDelivery:Saturday)                                                                    New Delivery Day: Thursday July 3rd

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions.

Thanks you all for supporting our farm!!!


Alternative Pick ups for the 4th of July (Week 5)

7/1/2014 4:10pm

Hello All,

This week will be quite hectic as you can imagine. If your pick up is on Friday July 4th, we will be moving it to Thursday July 3rd. Also if your share is typically delivered to your home on Wednesday or Saturday, we will be delivering on Thursday for this week. Please remember to let us know if you will be out of town or not able to receive your share this week! Please look for your location...Below is a list of drop off locations that will be changing for this week...

*Collonades at Kentland (Normal Delivery Day: Wednesday)                                                 This week's delivery: Thursday July 3rd

*Brown's Advisory (Normal Delivery Day:Friday)                                                                       This week's Delivery: Thursday July 3rd   

* Watson Hall  (Normal Delivery Day:Friday)                                                                             This week's Delivery: Thursday July 3rd

* Maple Lawn (Normal Pick Up:Friday)                                                                                      Pick Up This Week at Clarksville Middle School: Thursday July 3rd 4-6:30pm (Or Double up share for the following week)

* Glenwood Deliveries (NormalDelivery:Saturday)                                                                    This week's Delivery: Thursday July 3rd


News From The Farm:

Sweet corn and tomatoes will be ready in just a few days!!! Cucumbers are nearly ready as well :) Get your fill of more fragile greens now because these hot days do a number on all of those types of veggies and you won't see them again until the Fall. 

We are in the middle of purchasing a new delivery vehicle which will make our deliveries much more efficient. When this happens some of your delivery days may change (deliveries to home or office only) We will let you know as soon as we know. We have been trying to get a new delivery van for years now and thanks to our members it is finally happening. Thank you all for your support! It makes a huge difference in our business.   



Summer CSA Week 2 !!!

6/9/2014 10:42am

Hello All,

I hope you enjoyed your first week's haul!

The strawberries were an unexpected surprise this year. Last year they burnt up by Mother's Day. Our Strawberries are never sprayed with any insecticide or mold resistant so please eat them up quickly. They don't last as long as chemically treated berries that are pick before they are ready and forced to ripen with gas.

Please take advantage of our many greens... before you know it the Summer Sun will force them to go to seed and we won't see them again until the late fall :) The bonus is they are incredibly good for you!

This week we will begin picking our Summer squash. It is small yet but just as delicious. Many of our Chefs prefer it that way. We are busy trying to irrigate the fields right now but it looks like this week may give us a few sprinkles so that it great!

*** Only If you are a location that receives a pre-packed box, do not forget to Order today. The store is only open on Mondays. This is the only way we can get your orders processed and prepare them in a timely manor.

Also keep in mind, if you do not receive a confirmation shortly after your order is placed than it do not go through. You can try again or email me at:

When you receive your box please get all of the veggies out of the bags right away. We pack the day your shares are delivered but keep in mind that the more delicate veggies/ greens can not handle a lot of heat.


The specialty item store is now open . Any time we have local goodies available we will list them for sale each Monday on our website under the CSA tab. You can order them and we will bring them to your location that week. The cost will be added to your member balance and we will invoice once a month. You also have an option to pay right away on paypal. If you do not receive a confirmation email shortly after you order than your order was not processed correctly and you can either try again or email me at :

**Please spread the word that we are still taking new members this year until we reach our maximum. Anyone interested can sign up right on our website and we will prorate them the weeks they might have missed.***


See you all this week :) Thanks for your support.


Summer CSA 2014! Farmer's Market Style Pick Up Loccations

6/1/2014 1:50pm

Summer CSA 2014 ! Bayview, Hopkins,Burleigh manor Middle, Clarksville Middle, Maple Lawn HOA, Severna Park,Downtown Baltimore Farmer's Market and Bazaar, Catonsville, Farm Stand

6/1/2014 1:38pm

Hello All! The Summer CSA 2014 begins next week :) Spring veggies are looking lovely and for the first time in quite a while we have our Strawberries available (Thanks to the long Winter). We are really looking forward to this season and we hope all of you are too!

Thanks to your generous support we were able to purchase All Non-GMO corn seed this year. The seed costs much more and it is quite a bit more expensive to maintain but we have wanted to do this for a while and thanks to all of you, we can.

If you are not familiar with our practices: We grow using Organic and sustainable methods and practice IPM (Integrated Pest Management).  We are not Certified Organic due mainly to our close proximity to the water along with the fact that we refuse to raise our prices to pay for and keep an organic certification up when our customers would be getting the exact same produce, grown the same way using the same methods as we have always used.

Enough about that! Let's talk first pick ups :)

Below are the lists of locations as well as days and times:

* Hopkins Bayview: Wednesday 11am-1pm

* Hopkins University/ Hospital: Thursday 11am-1pm

* Burleigh Manor Middle School: Thursday 4:00pm-6:30pm

* Clarksville Middle School: Thursday 4:00pm-6:30pm

* Maple Lawn HOA: Friday 4pm-630pm

* Farm Stand: Saturday 10am-1pm

* Severna Park: Saturday 9am-11am

* Baltimore Farmer's Market And Bazaar: Sunday 8:00am-10:30am

*Catonsville Farmer's Market: Sunday 10:30am-12:30pm


***Our online store is open from Monday 6am-11pm***

It is very important that your orders come in on time. We gather your orders Tuesday morning. 

If you choose not to place an order or you forget to place one we pack you a farmer's choice share so you do not miss out.

If you are going to be out of town you have the option of having someone else pick your box up, you can donate your share and we will take care of the details or you can double up your share the following week. Please email the farm if you will be our of town or document it in the notes section of your order form. We can not save or hold your produce for obvious reasons :)

How To Place An Order For Extra Specialty Items:

On Mondays between 6am-11pm please place your order on our website

*Under the CSA Tab there are options to order your produce (if this applies to our location) and to Order Specialty Items/ Extras. When you click on either of these options you are directed to our store where you can add items to your shopping cart and proceed to check out.

When you check out you can choose to pay with paypal or by check. If you choose to pay by check the balance of your cart will be added to your membership and we will send invoices out once a month.

*If your order is placed correctly you will receive a confirmation email right away. If you do not receive this email than your order was either not placed correctly or it wasn't completed. This especially applies if you choose to pay with paypal. To complete your order you must be redirected to the shopping cart to complete the check out process.

*If there are any problems or questions please email me directly at

Please keep in mind we are a working farm. I am only in the office on Monday and Tuesday. When I am not in the office I am working outside at the farm.

For the first delivery we will not be offering specialty items so everyone can get the hang of the basics :)

Staying Informed:

If you have not joined out facebook page please do so. We update regularly from our phones. It is not always as easy to update our website but we post important notices on our blog as well. We always do our best to keep everyone happy so if you have a concern please be patient we do our best to work things out.

Thank you all or your support!


CSA Program

We take special care of our CSA members, because they take care of us! Due to your limitless support and understanding, we were able to irrigate our new acreage during this years drought. To learn more about how to participate in our program go to "our products" at the top of this page and click on "Our CSA". This type of program is truly what supporting local business is all about. Your commitment to eating local and gaining knowledge about the food your family eats and where it comes from has helped our farm not only survive, but thrive. Thank You All!


Here at the Zahradka Farm we are constantly striving towards sustainability. We can our leftover veggies that are viable and compost what is unfit to eat. We also recycle pots, plastic bags, canning jars, egg cartons etc. We encourage our customers to please bring us all of the above items you may want to dispose of and we will put them to good use! Thank you for helping us GO GREEN!