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The Zahradka Farm is a small produce farm located in Baltimore County. Just 20 minutes outside of Downtown Baltimore. Our farm is a hidden gem! The farm has been in our family for four generations. Passion for the land, the prosperity it can yield and the truth that hardships can be endured, has been passed down from father to son over many years. The idea of standing behind our product and quality over quantity has forever been and always will be our top priority! 

All of our seed is NON-GMO which really sets us apart from the rest. Our main crop is comprised of mainly veggies but we also grow a variety of ground fruit as well as berries and herbs. We grow many heirloom and specialty varieties of produce for our Chef Clientele as well as our every day customer. We also sell fresh eggs and meat when available.

Along with farmer's markets, restaurants, and our farm stand we also run a Community Supported Agriculture Program. Our CSA program has been running for 9 years now and it has been extremely well received. Our program is unique for many reasons, one being that our CSA sources directly from OUR REAL FARM! We also have begun canning much of our seasonal produce including Heirloom tomatoes!

Our farming practices are modeled after the Certified Organic guidelines for Maryland as often as possible. If we are having problems with our crop we utilize IPM (Integrated Pest Management). We pride ourselves on being transparent and therefore, always open about what is going on with the farm to our customers. Our goal is to be as sustainable as possible.

We believe in supporting local businesses. We also are well aware that there isn't much you can't find in Maryland to meet your daily dietary needs. We live in a very versatile state especially when it comes to farming! We appreciate any support that is offered and are forever grateful for our loyal customers.

Thank you all!



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Final Spring CSA store is open! Coupon inside!!!

Posted by Z Farm Life LLC :: Friday, June 15 :: 6:05pm


As a current CSA member, you can receive $ 25 off your Early Summer CSA share for the next two weeks with the coupon code: 25OFF


 Our final Spring CSA week is here. We are sad to see it come to an end, but the Early Summer CSA begins in just 3 short weeks! We still have spaces available so sign up while you still can! 

As a current CSA member, you can receive $ 25 off your Early Summer CSA share for the next two weeks with the coupon code: 25OFF

You can enjoy fresh early summer fruits and veggies delivered to your door just as you have all spring long! Early summer is full of a large variety of produce you have yet to see. Say goodbye to all the greens and hello to squash and tomatoes! 

This is your last week of deliveries. Please add any extra items you need to make up for any errors or weeks away. Don't be alarmed! You will only receive a bag for your delivery this week. Please leave any old boxes, bags or ice packs you may have left over from the spring season. Below is your link to place your order!


We have enjoyed our first spring CSA so much and we hope you did too! We appreciate all of the support you have given us through this slower time. Thanks to the spring CSA, we have been able to put lots of wonderful veggies in the ground for summer time! We still have spaces in all of our future True To Harvest CSA seasons! Tell all your family and friends!

As a current CSA member, you can receive $ 25 off your Early Summer CSA share for the next two weeks with the coupon code: 25OFF

We look forward to the next season <3

Thanks for your support,

Libby and Lacey