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Wholesale Agreement Info.

Pending Approval Restaurants and Wholesale Clients Will Be Able To Place Orders.

  Wholesale Information

   Z Farm is a small family owned and operated farm right outside of Baltimore City. We are excited and honored to work with many different Chef's from amazing restaurants throughout Maryland. Below is some information to read before filling out the application to begin purchasing wholesale fro us! 

For More Information Please email:


We would like you to understand that we are an ACTUAL farm! We grow, harvest and deliver produce ordered with a small staff mainly comprised of family members. We strive to provide the best possible products. With that being said our produce depends greatly on the weather and other natural circumstances beyond our control. The freshness and quality of our product is the benefit of having your veggies picked straight from the farm fields! 

*Please read thoroughly:

1. Orders must be placed under the "Wholesale Store" tab on website.

2. The "Wholesale Store" will be open 6am Monday morning and all Orders are due by 6am Tuesday Morning. 

3. Modifications to an order must be made by

    4pm Tuesday by sending an email to:

There are no guarantees that modifications can be made to your order but we will do our best. If you receive a confirmation response from our farm then the modification to your order will have been made. We do not charge extra for this service.

4. Delivery days are Wednesday and Friday of each week unless other wise noted. Keep in mind weather directly affects our delivery capabilities. We will notify everyone if the delivery days must be changed.

5. To receive your delivery on a Non-Delivery day please send an email request to . Keep in mind, there is no guarantee the delivery can be made on a day other then Wednesday and Friday however we will do our best to accommodate. In addition to the cost of produce we reserve the right to charge a delivery fee of $25 to be added to the current invoice.

6. Prices and availability are subject to change occasionally as we are a real farm and we are at the mercy of Mother Nature however we will do out best to notify everyone of said changes. 

7. Invoices can be paid upon ordering on our website via credit card by clicking the PAYPAL option or must be paid within 30 days of delivery. We appreciate being paid upon delivery as well and we accept, checks, money orders and credit card payments. 

We greatly appreciate the support of Restaurants that make it a top priority to locally source! We encourage anyone interested to please visit the farm. Take a look at our growing process and see where food actually comes from and meet the people behind the process. 

Please feel free to email the farm at with any questions!

Thanks again :)



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