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Produce StandThe Zahradka Farm is a small family farm located in Baltimore county. Our farm has been in our family for four generations. Passion for the land, the prosperity it can yield and the truth that hardships can be endured, has been passed down from father to son over many years. The idea of standing behind our product and quality over quantity has forever been and always will be our top priority! 

Our main crop is comprised of mainly veggies but we also grow a variety of ground fruit as well as berries, herbs and greenhouse flowers. There are many animals on our farm as well. We have been running our CSA program for 6 years now and it has been extremely well received. We also have begun canning much of our seasonal produce including Heirloom tomatoes! Our farming practices are modeled after the Certified Organic guidelines for Md. as often as possible. If we are having problems with our crop we resort to IPM (Integrated Pest Management), and we are always open about what is going on with our farm to our customers.

We believe in supporting local businesses and economy and that there isn't much you can't find in Md. to meet your daily dietary needs. We live in a very versatile state when it comes to farming especially! We appreciate any support that is offered and are forever grateful for our loyal customers. Thank you all!







Welcome to the Winter CSA Program 2017!January 3rd, 2017

Hello All! If you are receiving this email, you have signed up and committed to participate in the Z(ahradka) Farm CSA Winter program starting January 9th.   First of all I would like to thank e


Hello All! Thanks for your support last Winter! The weather and the Holidays quickly approaching are a sign that the WINTER veggies are almost ready and our home deliveries are about to start! Our cro

Need a Thanksgiving delivery?November 15th, 2016

Hello! My name is Lacey and I am the packing manager here at the Z Farm CSA! I am reaching out to all of our members to let you know that we still have Turkeys available for purchase for the holidays!

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