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2018 True To Season CSA Program Options


 Fall CSA Delivery (6 weeks)

Monday November 5th - Sunday December 16th
*First Fall CSA Store Posted Friday November 1st/ Last Fall CSA Store Posted Friday 7th

SMALL FALL SHARE (4 items per week): $215 per season

MEDIUM FALL SHARE (8 items per week): $320 per season

LARGE FALL SHARE (12 items per week): $415 per season


Winter CSA Delivery (6 weeks)

 Monday January 7th- Sunday February 17th
*First Winter CSA Store Posted Friday January 4th/ Last Winter CSA Store Posted Friday February 8th       

SMALL WINTER SHARE (4 items per week): $275

MEDIUM WINTER SHARE (8 items per week): $405 per season

LARGE WINTER SHARE (12 items per week): $525 per season


*Special Christmas Holiday Delivery

Orders and Deliveries will be made the week of Christmas, prior to Christmas Eve

Receive veggies and specialty items during the Holiday season! THIS IS A ONE TIME DELIVERY

SMALL (6 items): $50.00

MEDIUM (8 items): $75.00

LARGE (12 items): $100.00

New to CSA's?

A CSA Plainly Put, Is A Share In Our Farm

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Many small farms depend on their CSA programs to raise money for start up costs during the time of year that farmer's just aren't making any money. Farming is a costly business. We put every dime into the ground before anything is harvested and there are no guarantees for farmers.

Risky business, huh?

CSA programs are not only a way to connect farmers to their customers and vice versa, but also a way to ensure that we are producing for a good reason. Because we are a REAL small farm, we depend on the CSA income to finance every upcoming season. We plan all of our crops and harvests with our cherished CSA members in mind. It is because of our CSA program that we are even able to continue farming each year.

Our farm offers multiple CSA programs throughout the entire farming year. Each CSA season is aligned with our actual harvest times. Therefore, we are considered a true-to-season agricultural program.

Benefits of a CSA program:

1. Get to know your farmer.

2. Be confident in where your produce is coming from

3. Eat Clean! The less hands that touch your produce the better. No more than two of our staff members touch your produce from harvest to your family's table.

4. Help support a REAL Small Farm

*Unlike many other CSA programs 90% of the produce we offer is grown and harvested by us, on our farm. We do bring in some local tree fruit when available. We also offer our members a CHOICE of veggies each week. We do not choose for you, unless you want us to! We are an experienced farm, not a Hobby Farm. We are very proud of what we do and have endless gratitude for our loyal and totally awesome members! The Z Farm has been running a CSA program for over nine years now.


It's not to late to sign up for our produce delivery! If you miss a week or more we will prorate your cost for the missed veggies and send you an updated invoice :)



**We are the only CSA in Baltimore that delivers right to your home! We also work with Drop Off Hosts to create pick up locations at their offices, churches, schools and many more. More information for Drop Off Hosts can be found under our "Drop Off Host" tab.


Claymation scenes (copy) on Biteable.

Z Farm Life

True To Season C.S.A. Program

(Mimicking The Actual Harvest Months On A Real Farm In Maryland)


Reasons Why The C.S.A. Is Worth A Try

 1. We Are A REAL SMALL FARM: 5 Mini CSA Seasons mimicking the eb and flow of the planting and harvesting seasons on a farm Maryland... OURS!

2. Affordability: More Manageable Payments, due to the multiple smaller seasons

3. Lots Of Options: The ability to choose one or multiple CSA seasons giving new members the control to try the program without a huge commitment, giving experienced members the option to opt in or out of certain seasons due to possible scheduling conflicts like vacations

4. Special Deliveries: Multiple special Holiday Deliveries Available to show off your dedication to eating local ;) and share the experience with friends and family as well as limit produce delivery gaps between seasons

5. Value Added Items Available: More local and all natural specialty items to create a Full Balanced Diet CSA Share

6. Free Delivery: Delivery to your home or office included within 25miles of the farm

7. Start A Drop Off: The Opportunity To Spread The Word With Friends, Family and Co-Workers By Easily Starting a Drop off in Your Neighborhood, Church, School, Office Etc.

8. Open Farm Hours: Come and Visit The Farm and Find Out Where Your Food Is Coming From. See The Fields, Meet The Farmer and Staff.

9. For Foodies: All Kinds Of The Unique Veggies and Fruits That Can Often Only Be Found In Specialty Stores and (or) Farmers Markets. The 5 Star Meals You Are Enjoying In Baltimore Could Be Sourced From Our Farm As We Deliver To Many Chefs In The Area.

10. Safe and Healthy: All Our Seed Is NON-GMO. We Start Our Own Seed, Hand Plant And Harvest Ourselves. Produce Is Picked By Us When Ripe On The Vine... Never Gassed Or Left To Sit And Ripen. Produce Is Picked And Delivered Within 24 Hours Of Harvest.


Farm Stand Hours

Farm Stand Hours - October 31st

Friday: 10-5pm

Saturday: 10-5pm

Sunday: 10-4 pm