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All About The Zahradka Farm CSA


The Zahradka Farm CSA delivers farm fresh, local produce to your home or office every week for the entire season during the winter and offers a variety of pick-up sites during the summer/fall CSA season! We offer a chance to help support our small family farm as we grow healthy, all natural produce while pursuing our goal of ultimate sustainability! Maryland is a very diverse state which affords all of us who live here the opportunity to depend on small businesses and farms for our every necessity! From Fresh Produce to beef, pork and poultry, to pastries, sauces and cosmetics. There is no reason why we can't depend on local sources to supply our needs in a natural, healthy and economically sensible way. With the support of our CSA members we are making our small produce farm an important part of the neighborhood, surrounding communities and Maryland as well. Thank you all!

We are a REAL working farm!!! We strive to grow our produce using sustainable methods and our Winter crop is never EVER sprayed with any type of pesticide or fertilizer. Our rule of thumb is to be completely "transparent " with our customers, which means we will not hide anything... so any questions are welcome. All we ask is that you read through our website thoroughly before you contact us. We don't have a secretary... we are all farmers. Many Thanks!



1. When does my Summer/Fall Application Need to be submitted?

*To Guarantee a spot in our Summer/Fall CSA, your application needs to be submitted by March 21st. First Payment is due upon sign up. We will accept new members until are maxed out, however it will be on a first come first serve basis until we fill all of our available shares.

2. When does my Winter/Spring Application Need to be submitted?

*To Guarantee a spot in our Winter/Spring CSA, your application will need to be submitted no later than September 15th. The sign up for the winter CSA is requested so far in advance because we preserve/freeze a lot of our summer produce with your share in mind. This needs to be done when the produce is in season and at its peak of course... which is in the middle of the summer. We will also continue to accept applications until all of our shares are filled, however this will be on a VERY limited basis.

3.Can I still sign up for the CSA after the application due date?

*We will continue to accept applications throughout the season until all of the spots are filled, however there are no guarantees that a spot will still be available. If you are a late sign up, up to date payments are required at sign up. If you sign up after the pick-ups have already started we will deduct the past weeks from your total balance.

4. Can I discontinue my membership in the CSA after I have signed up?

*PLEASE UNDERSTAND that you are making a seasonal commitment to our Farm when you sign up to be a CSA member. We use the CSA income to buy seed and start up supplies in preparation for the CSA. We do not offer refunds! If you have concerns please contact me directly via email:

5. What happens if I can't pick up my share?

* If you can't pick your share up from the pick up location you have chosen, we will bring it back to the farm and it will be donated to a needy family. (If you know of a family in need, please write me an email describing their circumstances and provide me with their phone number and address. We will place them on our donation list and they may receive donated produce if the circumstances are appropriate) If you know you are going to be out of town, please let me know in advance so we can make arrangements.

6. What are my payment options?

*We offer a few options for payment. First of all we accept credit cards, checks, cash and money orders. Upon Sign up, 1/4 of your total balance is due. We encourage payment in full because it helps us with start up costs and as a thank you we offer a 10% discount at checkout, however we understand that it isn't easy for everyone to pay for their share up front so we offer a four month payment plan.

-The 10% discount only applies to memberships completed before the start of the season. If you sign after the start of the program, your share cost will be prorated for the weeks missed.


7. How can I be sure my produce if coming from your farm?

* Well, the best way to know you are getting produce from our farm is to come down and visit us. We have a farm stand that is open throughout the summer and anyone is more than welcome to take a look at our farming operation. Our business is built on trust and human connection as it was back in the day. In a time where a handshake meant something. We welcome your questions and are an open book when it comes to our farming practices.

8. How Long Is The Season

Summer/Fall = 22 Weeks (Starting in June through November)

Winter/Spring = 14 weeks (Starting January through April)

9. During the winter/spring delivery, why can't I change my drop off locations from week to week because of vacation etc.?

*We do not allow people to change their locations because we have many members and take a lot of time to organize a delivery route. If a location for drop off is changed it throws the entire route off and we may not even be able to get to everyone on our route. If you would like to change your location for the rest of the season please get in touch with the farm and we can talk it through!

10. What happens if inclement weather or extenuating circumstances prevent the farm from delivering my share?

*If unpredictable circumstances prevent us from delivering your share or if it is our mistake that prevents your share from arriving, we offer  our customers a double share the following week.  If the delivery falls on a major Holiday or something of that nature we will give everyone sufficient notice and make alternate arrangements as well. As always if you give us notification we can also donate to a family in need.



Winter CSA (14 Weeks)

 January -April

Our Winter CSA is very similar to the summer version. It includes all produce from our farm as well as fruit from other small farms we work with. The Colder months however to bring a whole different variety of crop all together! Greens, Cauliforous Veggies, Root veggies etc. To break up the monotony we have spent a lot of time freezing and canning some of our summer crop to include in each share. Each basket is meant to feed average families of various sizes, for the entire week in produce and fruit.

During our Winter Program You Will Pre-Order Your Share Every Week:

*Orders must be placed every Monday between 6am-12am. If you fail to place your order in time, this week's pre-order store will be shut down and we will assume you would like  to receive a farmer's choice. THERE CAN BE NO EXCEPTIONS! (We are harvesting in often freezing weather and are on a strict schedule during this time of year. Thank you for understanding.) If you do not wish to receive your share any particular week please place an order anyway and in the notes section specify that you do not want a delivery. We will then fill your share and donate it to a needy family.

*Don't forget... if you order an item that needs to be kept cool, place a cooler outside for us to deposit it in. (That includes meat and even frozen veggies.)

*If you would like to order extra items that you HAVE NOT pre-ordered like bread, eggs, meat etc.available goose from what is available, Make your selection and we will include them in your share delivery this week. The cost will be added to your CSA balance and an invoice will go out each month. If you choose to check out with paypal you will be asked to pay immediately.

- Small Share: 6 items:

Choose 6 items from the order form on the website on the CSA dropdown menu. You may choose to add more than one of each item when you are checking out in your shopping cart.                         

(Example: 2 onions, 1 bunch kale, 2 frozen fajita peppers, and oranges)


- Medium Share: 8 Items

Choose 10 items from the order form on the website on the CSA dropdown menu. You may choose to add more than one of each item when you are checking out in your shopping cart.


-Large Share: 12 items

Choose 14 items from the order form each week. This is very large share and is great for the veggie lovers everywhere!


* We deliver share orders to your home or office. (Keep in mind we DO NOT alternate delivery locations so that we don't cause problems with the set delivery route. If you are not available one week to receive your share, we will donate your share to a family in need.)

*If a delivery is missed because of inclement weather we offer 1 free week in our Summer CSA (Beginning in June) for every week missed in the Winter Program. If you are not interested in making your missed deliveries up we will graciously donate them to families who are in need.

*As always we first accept Summer/Fall members into the winter program and there is a 10% deduction at check out for paying in full. (We ask that anyone interested sign up as soon as possible due to the nature of preparation for this program)



 Summer CSA (22 weeks)

With our summer CSA, you will receive veggies, ground fruit and berries from our farm that are hand harvested each day. We bring in tree fruit from other local farms to add some variety to your basket. Unlike most other CSAs, we pack your share with all of the premium produce that we harvest, not seconds or what doesn’t sell at our markets. We consider our CSA members true and valued members of our farm and you literally share in the bounty of the harvest! We have three options with additions upon request.

Option 1: Small Family Share/ Feeds 1+ person (About 4 Items Per Week)= $400

*This Petit Family Share gives those of you with not as many mouths to feed or who just want to dabble in the veggie "world", a chance to see what our program is all about.

Option 2: Medium Family Share/ Feeds 3+ (About 8 items Per Week)= $700

* This average family size share is just enough to supply your average family with enough produce for the week. This is a very popular share for those who eat veggies on a pretty regular basis.

Option 3: Large Family Share/ Feeds 4+ people (About 12 Items Per Week)= $1000

* This share is the Crème De Le Crop for all those veggie lovers out there. The amount of produce in this share should feed a rather large family or anyone who appreciates fresh local produce! Many of our members choose this share to they can freeze summer veggies for the winter. I give lot's of tips about "keeping" your produce!!!



* We encourage our members to pay up front for the season because we use all of the profits from the CSA to start up our farm each year, however we can work with each individual. Just contact me VIA email. 



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