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Welcome to the Winter CSA Program 2017!

Posted 1/3/2017 10:03am by Z Farm Life LLC.

Hello All!

If you are receiving this email, you have signed up and committed to participate in the Z(ahradka) Farm CSA Winter program starting January 9th.


First of all I would like to thank everyone for your participation in our program! We really depend on our Winter CSA to help us with the immense cost of starting up in the Spring. 

The winter CSA Runs for 14 weeks starting January 9th- April 15th.

Instructions & Info:

1. Orders should be placed every Monday before delivery. Your first order should be placed Monday January 9th. The store is only open on Monday. This gives us time to process orders, pick and pack for delivery. We are strict about Monday ordering, especially during the Winter months as we contend with mother nature.

* If you forget to place an order or choose not to we will pack you a Farm Choice (FC) Box so you don't miss out.


2. How To Place An Order:

Each Monday before delivery please visit our website:


*Click the CSA Veggies Store to add items to your cart. To purchase specialty items click the CSA Specialties Store Tab and add extras for purchase to your order.

When you are ready to check out please remember to complete your order. Choose the pay by check option if you do not have a cart balance or wish to be invoiced for extras at the end of the month.

You will receive a Confirmation email shortly after the order is placed if it has been received. If you do not receive a confirmation email please email the farm right away so we can get your order processed at: ZFarmCSA@gmail.com


3. Each week your share will be delivered in a box that should be left out the following week for us to pick up. If your empty box is not available for pick up we will just leave the liner bag with your produce. We re-use the boxes each week. We will also recycle the bags if you would like to leave them for your delivery driver.

*During freezing temperatures it might be a good idea to leave a cooler out for us to deposit your veggies in, especially if you purchased extras like eggs and meat.


4. Extras For Sale: Each week we offer a variety of extra items you can purchase along with your veggies. These items are always local and all natural meeting our high quality standards. These items will be delivered with your share for that week. You can pay upon check out or we will invoice at the end of every month via email.


5. The NOTES Section: Each week when you place your order there will be a NOTES section on the Check Out page. This is a great way to keep in touch with our packing staff. You can let know if there was an issue with veggies from the previous week, any delivery notes and even just to say hi. We all get to know our members pretty well, by name at least! Our staff is very small and consists of no more than five people :)


6. Delivery Days/ Routes:

Each member will be assigned to a specific route. We will notify everyone as to which route they are assigned and which day the share will be delivered. This should not change from week to week unless there is a weather emergency.

*Please be patient with us for the first week as we sort out delivery routes. Once we get into the groove of things your share will be delivered on the same say around the same time each week.


7. Delivery Changes/ Weather Emergencies:

If there is an act of nature that prevents your shares from being delivered on your regular delivery day we will try to deliver on another day that week. If for some reason that can't happen we offer the option to order double the following Monday. (We are the ONLY CSA in Maryland that offers this option!)

*Please keep an eye on our Facebook page (George Zahradka (or) The Zahradka Farm) for the most current updates about deliveries. We will also try to email, however we usually can't get to a computer until after we have left the farm for the day.


8. Office Hours: We are rarely in the office :) We try to get into the office on MONDAYS and TUESDAYS. Do not panic if we don't get back to you right away, we are very easy going and will work with you as much has we can to sort any issues out. We are Farmer's and are at the Farm the Majority of the time. The best way to get in touch with us is via email. If there are billing questions or you are going to be out of town etc. Please email ZFarmCSA@gmail.com.


9. When You Receive Your Share:

It's exciting... your first share has arrived!!!!

Please open your box and double check your share to make sure your order is complete and correct. There will be a packing slip inside.

Take all of your veggies out of the bags to ensure the condensation build up will not cause damage to your veggies. In the colder months especially, the unpredictable temperatures can cause moisture to build up. Veggies left to sit in that moisture can easily go bad.

If there is a layer of dirt on your veggies it means one of two things. We left the coating as a protective layer to be washed off as the veggies are used or it was so cold we could wash them. It's no big deal, the produce is being picked from often sloppy and wet fields and a quick rinse will to the trick.

If you have any issues, or questions about your share please don't hesitate to email the farm right away so we can sort everything out. ZFarmCSA@gmail.com


10. Have Fun & Enjoy!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page (George Zahradka or The Zahradka Farm) for recipes, updates about the farm etc. Our members are a part of our FARM FAMILY and we love it!


Please Feel Free To Email With Any Questions :) See You Next Week!